Healthy Interactions – HI.Goals Mobile App Announcement

Healthy Interactions® announces the HI.Goals mobile app – aiming to enhance the proven benefits of the Diabetes Conversation Map® education program through digital engagement and support.

Chicago, IL – March 23, 2015 :: Healthy Interactions today announces an exciting addition to the Conversation Map education program – the HI.Goals mobile app. HI.Goals was developed in collaboration with CDE's and HCP's and leverages Healthy Interactions' 10 years of diabetes self-management education and support (DSME/S) experience around the world. With this mobile addition, Healthy Interactions looks to further their mission of creating better patients through increased personal health engagement and build upon the proven educational and engagement benefits of the established Conversation Map tools.

Currently only available for iOS devices, HI.Goals users will be able to add healthy lifestyle goals they set for themselves as part of their self-management care plan, in collaboration with an educator, and can track their progress in a fun and interactive way that provides a visual reward for completing your goals daily and over time. Through a push notification system, users will receive daily tips on how to achieve the goals they've set for themselves.

The HI.Goals app also lets attendees stay connected with their session educator for continued coaching and encouragement at home. Users of the app can ask questions through an in-app chat-based interface. Educators, through a web portal, can access patient goals to encourage or support progress, as well as see and respond to user questions.

HI.Goals will be made available to select Conversation Map DSME programs in the US with an aim to better understand the needs of consumers as it relates to digital health engagement and broader deployment later in 2015. HI.Goals is currently available for iOS customers only, with an Android version expected later in 2015.

About HI.Goals :: HI.Goals is a goal-tracking health engagement app that helps users track selected healthy lifestyle goals. It is currently available on the App Store (iOS 7.1 and above) but accounts are limited to those going through select Conversation Map education programs in the US. HI.Goals remains in development as we continually improve the experience based on user feedback and experiences. Click here to download the app.

About Conversation Map® Education :: Conversation Map programs are brought to life in face-to-face, small-group sessions. With the help of a trained facilitator, participants focus on the health information most relevant to them and relate it to their own experiences. At the end of each session, participants create a workable plan for using what they learn to drive meaningful behavior change in their lives.

Conversation Map programs can be custom-developed to address any health topic, audience and culture around the world. The Conversation Map education tools included in each program are easy for any participant to use, enabling facilitators to adapt programs to almost any age, learning style and literacy level. In addition, the durability and portability of the tools make it possible to coordinate Conversation Map programs in almost any learning environment.

About Healthy Interactions® :: Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Healthy Interactions' is a leader and innovator in developing programs designed to improve individual health by transforming the consumer's approach to health engagement, driving sustainable behavior change and long-term personal health responsibility.

Since our founding in 2005, we have deployed programs that show a more engaged healthcare consumer will take greater ownership of their health, make better self-care decisions, improve clinical outcomes and ultimately be healthier.

For more information about Healthy Interactions, Conversation Map programs, or the HI.Goals app, please contact: info@healthyinteractions.com.