Patient Engagement for Diabetes and Other Chronic Conditions

Healthy Interactions is a patient engagement company that improves outcomes of diabetes and other chronic medical conditions. This video explains how we help health systems, hospitals, clinics and providers improve outcomes for patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions. Implementing our programs leads to healthier, more loyal patients and improved financial performance.

Healthy Interactions Pharmaceutical Sponsorship Strategy

Pharmaceutical companies sponsor Healthy Interactions as a value-add service for their targeted physicians.

Global Diabetes Educators Share Stories

Global Diabetes Educators from around the world share their stories about using Healthy Interactions' Conversation Map tools.

This testimonial reflects the experience of many patients whose lives are changed by the knowledge, interaction and empowerment of Conversation Map sessions and tools.

Conversation Map Sessions

Conversation Map sessions from Healthy Interactions improve the outcomes of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Healthy Interactions' Conversation Map Video

This video shows how Healthy Interactions' patient engagement and empowerment sessions help people with chronic disease take control of their lives and improve their clinical outcomes.

Use and Integration of Conversation Map for Diabetes Management

This presentation provides a detailed view and case studies of using a technique of Conversation Map Group Interactions for the management of Diabetes. This patient engagement strategy has over 50 publications, that include over 30 studies, that prove its effectiveness over time.

Healthy Interactions: Managing Chronic Disease Outcomes

This video describes the solution for managing chronic disease outcomes in an era of value-based reimbursement. Health systems, payers and pharmaceutical companies are now working within a new model that requires a focus on improving outcomes through patient engagement programs whose outcomes are proven through clinical studies.

Healthy Interactions COPD Present


ADA Boston Interview - Eichorst and Greenwood


Conversation Map® Session Sample


Conversation Starters for One-on-One Education

At the creation of this video, IDF was a participating partner in the creation and implementation of the Diabetes Conversation programme. They currently are not participating in the programme.

A Diabetes Specialized Care Center Program: Conversation Map® tools

Content and Facilitation Overview Webinar

Diabetes Conversations Programme