China Re-launches Diabetes Education Program featuring Conversation Map Tools

China Re-launches Diabetes Education Program featuring Conversation Map Tools

China re-launched the Diabetes Conversations Programme this April (April 14,15,16). Over 30 additional Expert Trainers have been identified and certified to train other HCPs on the use of the Conversation Map tools. Expert Trainers are uniquely trained, local clinicians who use the Conversation Map tools to facilitate engaging group education sessions for people with diabetes.

Expert trainers are qualified train others based on their expert use of the Conversation Map tools  as well as extensive facilitation training. Expert trainers are the only designated professionals that can train other healthcare professionals to use the tools with their own patients.

The programme has been running in China since 2009 with an estimated several hundred Map users to date.

The Diabetes Conversations programme is designed to assist healthcare professionals in helping people with diabetes achieve greater personal heath engagement. It features the Conversation Map™ education tools and provides free training and other valuable resources to healthcare professionals so they can help people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes become more engaged and involved in learning how to better manage their diabetes.


Conversation Map education tools—a core component of the Diabetes Conversations programme—allows educators to facilitate dynamic, interactive group discussions of up to 10 participants at once. The tools were designed to be efficient and may be more cost-effective than other approaches to diabetes education.

The tools are designed to be outcome-driven and flexible. They are built on a foundation of evidence-based education principles and clinical guidelines that include the International Standards for Diabetes Education published by the International Diabetes Federation.

Used in more than 120 countries in more than 35 languages, the tools can be adapted by institutions ranging from small neighborhood clinics to large regional hospitals or centres, and can be integrated into existing support programmes at any stage of diabetes management.

Image of Conversation Map:

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