Our Healthy Interactions Conversation Map® facilitators are the best of the best.

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We are proud of what our trained facilitators have accomplished over the past 10 years.

They improved over 25 million lives, in 120 countries, in 38 languages.

Touched more people through our patented Conversation Map® sessions than any other patient engagement or education sessions in the world.

Empowered millions of patients to make better choices that lead to improved chronic conditions outcomes.



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For those of you who are trained on Conversation Map, we now have a new tool that not only provides extended support for your patients, but also allows you to provide one-on-one coaching to your patients, and to track and manage your time and charges! Learn more by clicking here


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Healthy Interactions Hacks: Top tips for making your life easier while using Conversation Map® tools!


Thursday, May 26th - 12PM CST / 1PM EST


Our goal at Healthy Interactions is simple; improving people's lives around the world -- including yours! In 10 years, our thousands of Conversation Map® facilitators have shared their best tips and tricks, and now we are sharing them with you. Connect with you fellow educators and learn how to improve participation, enhance learning, and get your physicians referring more patients.  Join us!


We encourage our facilitators to interact with each other digitally to learn more
about the great ways they have implemented our Conversation Map tools.

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Join our new LinkedIn group to learn best practices from your colleagues: Diabetes Educators using Coversation Maps® and Digital Coaching Platform.


Barbara Eichorst, MS, RD, CDE Barbara Eichorst, MS, RD, CDE

Meet our Clinical Leader

Barbara Eichorst joined Healthy Interactions in early 2007. As a health care professional, she brought extensive clinical care and program administration experience to Healthy Interactions. She is currently leading the development and implementation of the global training for the diabetes franchise. As an educator with experience in medical continued education and patient interventions, Barbara has contributed much to the advancement in diabetes care. Read more | Read Barbara’s Blog