Creating the foundation for Personal Health Engagement™ and Self-Management Education

Conversation Map® Sessions

Our interactive experiential sessions engage patients in an exploration of their feelings, information, and the choices they face as it relates to managing their health condition. It gives them the opportunity to discuss the implications of their choices with others who share their condition, and to express their feelings about their condition in a safe and intimate environment. Sessions may be on-site with groups or in-person, on-site one-on-one sessions.

Converation Map Tools

1) In-person, on-site Conversation Map Sessions, delivered to 8–12 participants

2) In-person, on-site one-on-one tools

3) Web-based Conversation Map session, delivered to 8–15 participants

4) Chronic Condition specific eLearning programs can link directly to member portal

Healthy Interactions’ Digital Coaching Platform

Our Digital Coaching Platform links health care professionals and patients through mobile technologies.

The HI Goals App was developed by the education experts at Healthy Interactions to help patients set and track healthy lifestyle goals. Based upon 10 years of Healthy Interactions patient research, the app has flexible goal setting, daily reminders, and progress tracking that help users develop new healthy behaviors that can lead to better management of chronic conditions. An interactive daily dashboard makes tracking progress simple. Clear, large progress visuals provide an at-a-glance overview of how the user is doing each day.

The same app allows the patient to connect with a health care educator or patient care coordinator. Our Coaches’ Portal, accessible via the web or mobile app, allows the coach to give patient-specific guidance. In addition, this platform allows for time tracking for billing purposes for Healthy Interactions-registered trained facilitators.

Simple and Secure information Collection

Trained Facilitators


Our sessions are guided by a licensed health care professional facilitator who has been trained in Conversation Map techniques.