Martha Funnell discusses the success of the diabetes Conversation Map® program at the American Diabetes Association 2015 meeting

Endocrinology Advisor shared a video of Martha Funnell sharing the many benefits of her diabetes Conversation Map program.

Martha Funnell, MS, RD, CDE of the University of Michigan was on the development team for the Conversation Map program in 2007. The team consisted of two nurse educators, a person with diabetes and a nutrition expert.

Before the Conversation Map learning program was developed, patients were receiving diabetes education from lectures and PowerPoint presentations. These methods didn't allow for a lot of conversation or for the opportunity to ask or answer questions and very little emphasis was placed on the psychosocial side of diabetes.

Martha explains that "We created the Maps in order to match the standards of quality education. We included all of the recommended content areas, but the method for delivering that information was meant to be patient-centered and patient-driven."

She shares that "The Maps have been used successfully. Outcomes are improving. And people really like them. They come back."