Case Study: Merck

Merck LogoMerck is a global organization focused on developing new therapies that treat and prevent disease to helping people in need, committed to improving health and well-being around the world. To differentiate themselves in the diabetes marketspace Healthy Interactions worked with Merck to develop and launch a national diabetes education program. The program has been running in the United States for eight years.

Highlights of the U.S. Diabetes Program

  • Collaboration with Merck to support their entrance into the diabetes market and launch of Januvia
  • Developed in collaboration with and endorsed by the American Diabetes Association
  • Worked with key opinion leaders, including patient advocate
  • Initial research and design process to create prototype took 3 months
  • Patient testing and refinement took another 3 months
  • Support medical legal reviews and management within ZINC system
  • Over 8 years in market with 28,000-plus HCPs trained
  • Brand team, sales force, and customer solutions involved in program
  • Program has expanded from original design to include many other tools and training

Bar Chart with resultsProven Patient Results

A summary of 33 independent global studies support the impact of the Conversation Map methodology

  • Return-to-session: 48% of the Conversation Map group returned for additional sessions vs. only 11% in the traditional care groups
  • Enjoyment/Satisfaction: 97% of Conversation Map group enjoyed the sessions vs. 57% in traditional care groups
  • Knowledge/Learning: 91% of Conversation Map group felt that they had improved their understanding vs. 52% in the traditional care groups



I have had the opportunity to follow up with two diabetes educators who received the Conversation Maps after attending a Journey for Control program. In both cases the providers informed me that they have integrated the first of the five maps successfully; they do plan to use the others in the near future. The providers also informed me that they have been able to use the maps to fit their current needs. Additionally, the maps have been useful in terms of generating conversation and engaging patients.”
– Merck Representative