Healthy Interactions Clinical Decision Support platform for chronic conditions uniquely integrates decision support software with an optimized care plan.

This is an end to end, integrated chronic condition solution backbone, from very granular diagnosis to an optimized personal care plan.

Simplify work flows.
Integrate into EHRs.

A Complete Care Solution

Clinical Decision Support

Evidence-based rules simplify the identification and diagnosis of patients throughout transitions of care points in their chronic conditions.

Patient Education

CDS rules identify exactly where patients are in their chronic condition journey, then perfectly matches with appropriate patient education;
both in-person Conversation Maps and digital education.

Patient-HCP Connectivity

CDS rules define the appropriate care team member for patients to be connected with. Digital coaching platform enables daily monitoring of goals and secure text/video messaging via HIPAA compliant platform.

Rx Recommendations

CDS recommends Rx based upon evidence based rules and patient EHR records. Integrates with EHR e-prescribing function to aid HCP with efficient Rx ordering.

Procedure Scheduling

CDS identifies the exact tests and procedures with their optimal frequency to be automatically scheduled for the patient.


Analytics enables health systems to track patient care path adherence and impact; in addition to healthcare professional adherence to CDS recommendations.

Driving Real Results

Healthy Interactions Programs Proves to Reduce Costly Hypoglycemic Events


Reduction in hypoglycaemic incidents
for patients with type 2 diabetes

Healthy Interactions Programs Significantly Controls HbA1c Levels


Increase in HbA1c control
in medicare population

Review our 57 Independent Behavioral, Clinical, and Cost Studies


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