Pottstown Medical Specialists, Inc expands into more chronic disease education programs using Healthy Interactions’ Conversation Map tools


Healthy Interactions is pleased to announce chronic care disease education expansion with Pottstown Medical Specialists, Inc (PMSI). Healthy Interactions will now provide COPD and CHF education tools for their patients at PMSI along with the existing diabetes Conversation Map® tools. The expansion of CHF and COPD education programs will offer further effective assistance for problematic chronic diseases. Healthy Interactions collaboration with PMSI will enable more effective, evidence-based care for patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) ," said Paul Lasiuk, CEO, Healthy Interactions. "Our team has been working closely with PMSI to integrate their chronic care education curriculum. Healthy Interactions Conversation Map® tools offer a unique methodology that encourages patients to change their lifestyles. Our relationship with PMSI means leading healthcare providers will now have access to internationally recognized tools to help patients with chronic diseases."

PMSI’s cardiologists Drs. Baman, Patel, Krantzler, Dhawan, and Levin and pulmonologists, Drs Sbat, Pham and Patil have received positive feedback from patients who have attended the Conversation Map® program. Patients enjoyed learning from each other and gaining new insights on self-managing their chronic disease. Patients feel comfortable coming to their healthcare provider’s office so it makes sense to provide education in the office, said Debbie Zlomek, education coordinator of PMSI. Offering Conversation Map® sessions in the same location where patients receive their care sets the stage for a positive and supportive environment to put patients at ease.

Pottstown Medical Specialists, Inc. was formed in August of 1978, first known as Deviney, Guthrie & Popolow, LTD, from the merging of three separate practices of internal medicine. In May of 1980 the company name became Pottstown Medical Specialists, Inc. (PMSI). Over the years PMSI has added gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, rheumatology, oncology, pain medicine, neurology, and education to its specialty roster. Complementing these physicians and specialties are ancillary services such as a nuclear cardiology camera, digital echo machine, infusion therapy, therapeutic pain injections, and diagnostic sleep center. PMSI has also developed a strong six location primary care division. This growth has been accomplished by the acquisition and merger of practices as well as opening new practices which are strategically located throughout the area. These offices stretch from Collegeville to Bally to cover a large geographic area. Being part of PMSI allows each practice to operate like a small independent practice and at the same time have the luxury of a strong corporation standing behind them.

information about Pottstown Medical Specialists, Inc can be found here: http://www.pmsiforlife.com/pottstown-medical-specialists.html

About Healthy Interactions

For over a decade, Healthy Interactions has created innovative approaches to improving the outcomes of chronic conditions. Our programs focus on creating a meaningful and ongoing dialogue between healthcare providers and health care consumers. We design the right tools to create a structured interaction that can be delivered in a one-on-one environment or in small groups. Our digital tools support health care consumers in moving toward their goals with information, tracking, and ongoing peer and health care professional interactions. The result of our programs is consumers that are more active partners in their health, which improves the outcomes of their diseases.

We offer more than 200 programs for chronic conditions, and have become a global leader in Diabetes. We provide our programs to health systems and clinics in the U.S., and have pharmaceutical sponsors that provide our programs throughout the world.

More information about Healthy Interactions can be found here: http://healthyinteractions.com

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