Motivational Interviewing in Diabetes Education and Adherence Assessment (MiDEA)

USA • 2014

The proportion of Days Covered (PDC — measures medication adherence) at baseline was higher for subjects attending individual sessions than those attending group sessions (92% and 53%, respectively); subjects attending group sessions demonstrated a 17.2% increase in PDC while subjects attending only one individual session saw a 26.1% decrease in PDC; total study population had a 11.3% decrease in PDC; those attending group sessions were followed for a longer period of time, than those attending only one individual session; effects of motivational interviewing on adherence may have only short-term effects and may be impactful when repeated over time, such as in the group setting; larger percentage reduction in BMI and blood pressure for subjects in group sessions; larger percentage reduction in A1c for subjects in individual sessions; Outcomes for Subjects Attending 1+ Group Class(es): 0.44% decrease in A1c (p-value = 0.22), 0.67% decrease in BMI (p-value = 0.19); 4.3 mmHg decrease in systolic BP (p-value = 0.14); 2.5 mmHg decrease in diastolic BP (p-value = 0.15).

Mangan, M.N.; Serres, M.L.; Zitko, K.L.; Galloway, D.M. Motivational Interviewing in Diabetes Education and Adherence Assessment (MiDEA). Poster presented at American Association of Diabetes Educators Conference: August 6–9, 2014; Orlando, FL.


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