Welcome to the May edition of Healthy Connections. This month’s newsletter highlights the Conversation Map® global community, along with upcoming events and opportunities for diabetes educators to engage in.

Healthy Connections has been organized into two quick-read sections:


Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 1PM EST / 12PM CST


As you may have heard, Healthy Interactions has recently introduced hi.goals™, a digital platform. hi.goals™ helps patients engage in their health between traditional education sessions and assists clinicians in being more efficient with patient communication.

  • Educators can now export all in-app interactions to a PDF note, easily adding it to the patient’s file.
  • Secure in-app video chat capabilities are now included with download, allowing for better access to face-to-face time for patients and clinicians.

These updates allow clinicians to easily add in encounters from hi.goals into a patient’s chart and increases face-to-face time access on a secure network, particularly helpful for those practicing in rural locations.

If you already have the hi.coach™ and hi.goals™ apps downloaded, please don’t forget to update them! Interested in a 1-year free trial of the hi.goals platform? Click here.

Conversation Map® facilitators are part of a global community. The Conversation Map® methodology, and the user experience with it, is consistent no matter what language or country it is utilized and engaged in. Our community is comprised of over 30,000 facilitators in the U.S., as well as over 60,000 outside of the U.S., that includes over 120 countries, making it the biggest diabetes education program in the world.

Barbara Eichorst, our global Lead Facilitator, will be presenting at AADE this year about the Meta Analysis of the Glycemic Outcomes with the Use of the Conversation Map® tools to Deliver Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSME/S), as well as Japan’s symposium for development of diabetes education program. Barbara will also be in Hong Kong, meeting with local facilitators for the Map user reunion, as well as in Pakistan presenting best practices in DSME/S at the International Diabetes and Endocrine Congress 2016 in August.

You can view examples of the US and international program outcomes, as well as deliverables from our ADA congress presentation last year: Use and Integration of Conversation Map for Diabetes Management, http://healthyinteractions.com/videos.