Healthy Interactions announces the latest results and clinical outcomes from one of the nation’s largest health systems using Integrated Diabetes Program


The Healthy Interactions turnkey Integrated Diabetes Program deployed at these provider organizations included a series of clinically-validated, reimbursable in-person DSME sessions, integrated with a HITRUST-certified digital engagement platform linking patients with appropriate care team members.

Healthy Interactions’ licensed healthcare providers facilitated the program. Healthy Interactions also informed and trained all primary care providers and their office staffs on the benefits and the mechanics of the program, and provided them with physical and digital patient communications tools to promote the program. Additionally, referrals to the program were integrated into EHRs so registration was seamless and easy. Healthy Interactions also provided robust analytics so all metrics could be tracked and communicated back to the providers.

After the first several hundred patients completed the program, the following results have been observed (results from multiple provider organizations):

  • A1C reduction of -1.48%
  • Diabetes prescription drug compliance 80%
  • Statin compliance (when prescribed) 100%
  • Care plan procedure compliance:
    • Diabetes eye exam compliance 80%
    • Diabetes peripheral neuropath test compliance 95%
    • Microalbumin test compliance 95%
  • Session attendance rate 78%
  • Program completion rate 65%
  • Net Promoter Score 78%

Proven impact for health systems and payers:

For over a decade, Healthy Interactions has been focused on improving patient outcomes. For health systems that are fee-for-service, Healthy Interactions diabetes program can generate incremental revenue of between $350 and $1,200, per patient per year.  For at-risk provider organizations and payers, Healthy Interactions programs have improved patient A1c by -1.48%, which can lead to approximately $1,700 annual cost savings. Additionally, Healthy Interactions programs have demonstrated a reduction in the incidence of hypoglycemia by 43%. Hypoglycemic events are a leading cause of emergency department visits for people with type 2 diabetes.

Paul Lasiuk, CEO at Healthy Interactions commented, “It’s a privilege to work with great people and provider partners committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes and other chronic conditions. As more and more health systems and providers partner with Healthy Interactions, we will be able to improve the health and outcomes of thousands of patients, and save our customers millions of dollars.”

About Healthy Interactions

Healthy Interactions is a global leader at improving the lives of people with diabetes and other chronic conditions. Healthy Interactions programs have been deployed in 127 countries, in 39 languages and cultures. Over 100,000 licensed healthcare professionals have been trained and certified by Healthy Interactions. Over 30 million patients have benefited by participating in Healthy Interactions’ programs. Healthy Interactions programs uniquely integrate in-person sessions with a complimentary digital engagement platform. Healthy Interactions programs have been clinically validated by over 50 independent clinical and behavioral studies and publications.

Additionally, Healthy Interactions integrated diabetes clinical decision support platform improves physician workflows, seamlessly integrates into EHRs, and helps to more efficiently identify patients with diabetes and more effectively defines the gaps in care and treatment options.

Healthy Interactions Media Contact:
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Healthy Interactions
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