Feedback of Conversation Map® from 6 Hospitals in China

China • 2014

As compared to before the session, survey results showed improvement in following study points: confidence in being able to do, on a daily basis, what is needed to manage the disease and capability of setting achievable daily living goals; increased responsibility taken by self, rather than placing responsibility on family, for diabetes disease management; increased response post-conversation that disease controls life but there is a desire to change life and a readiness to do so; patients indicated that they liked the interactive form of discussion and preferred it over the traditional way of teaching; 88.6% of patients indicated that they will recommend Map Tools to other patients; most patients rated the facilitator as having talked an adequate amount as well as having asked enough questions.

Yaofang, S.; Wanping, D.; Li, Y.; Xia, D.; Liaofang, W.; Qingqing, L. Feedback of Conversation Map® from 6 Hospitals in China. Oral presentation at Expert Trainer Training: 2014, Hong Kong, China.


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