Diabetes Conversation Map®: Assessing Patients’ Learning and Stages of Change for Self-Management by a Questionnaire

Japan • 2012

HbA1c dropped from 9.6% to 7.6% after 3 months of Map Tools (n=83, p < 0.01; significant); high patient satisfaction; understanding of symptoms of abnormal blood glucose levels improved; no significant differences in PAID test or DTSQ test; patients' knowledge and motivation improved.

Kouchi, Y.; Nakashima E.; Imamine, R.; Kusama, M.; Kawai, M.; Watanabe, M.; Tanaka, C.; Kanai, A.; Kawamura T.; Sano T.; Hotta N. Evaluation of the Utility of Diabetes Conversation Map®: in Japanese Diabetic Patients. Journal of Diabetes Investigation, November 2012; Volume 3, Supplement 1; PEC-02-1; Page 240.


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