Craig Fisher, Senior Conceptor

First of all, I tell a lot of people that I was Healthy Interactions’ “first” full-time employee. There were certainly many people who were part of launching the company. Back then in 2006, when Paul Lasiuk and Pete Gorman had crafted their first series of diabetes maps, later to be referred to as Conversation Map® tools, and it was then that I saw what a powerful tool this could be for people properly trained on its use.

I was no stranger to the power of visually directed and professionally facilitated dialogue. I have worked several years on similar learning visuals for a leading international learning company.

What was different and so compelling about Healthy Interactions was here was a chance to make a difference with art. It wasn’t business-to-business. My illustrations were not just corporate instruments to direct financial institutions, describe a supply chain scenario, or explain best practices to large retailers.

Here we were developing a value proposition like no other. It is a situation where people’s lives were improved through self-directed knowledge-based information. Through this seemingly simple process, patients with serious but manageable medical conditions discover that they CAN get on with living through Conversation Maps® tools.

What really hit home was working with people from other cultures and countries across the globe. In developing Conversation Maps® tools internationally, one realized that the healthcare safety net we enjoy in the west was missing in the developing world. A lethal mixture of sugar-rich and a nutrient deprived diet has hobbled populations and resources struggling with diabetes.

So, what more can you ask for in meaningful employment? Here is an opportunity to help save a diabetic foot from being amputated, or to keep Ramadan “fasting” from creating a condition leading to diabetic shock.

All this good work, assisted by way of a pencil and paper.
How simple, yet so elegant.

Craig Fisher
Healthy Interactions


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