Holiday Gratitude

This blog will be short and sweet….. Just like all of the moments I would like to reflect upon and share my gratitude to our team. Gratitude is for all of this year's interactions with an amazing group of people.

Someone once said that simplicity is the ultimate satisfaction. Simplicity is also part of the moments that create happiness in our daily living. A simple 'Feel good' moment does not always happen when someone is saying something smart, but rather when I realize that I was understood, respected and accepted!

For those who know me, I love my professional life. I enjoy what I do, and see my work as a foundation for  change I want to see. Not only in healthcare, but also in the working environment for each of us.

I feel improvement in wellbeing happens with those simple moments of interacting with others, conversations, hugs and kindness. Since we spend so much time at work, it is important  to work with kind, fun and trusted team members to experience daily joy.

I would like to share my gratitude to the Healthy Interactions team. They are typically behind the scenes making everything possible for all.

Healthy Interactions is a small company of people who facilitate effective interactions in  over 120 countries, several hundred thousands of healthcare providers and millions of people with diabetes.

I dedicate this blog to the entire Healthy Interactions team. A team that is dependable, caring and always trusted on making things good, no matter what the circumstances.

Have an amazing holiday and wonderful New Year, full of gratitude, love and daily happiness.


  1. Paul:
    Dec 20, 2016 at 05:29 PM

    Thank you very much B.

    Special work by very special people.

    Merry Christmas.

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